Easy Rider 2: The Ride Home (2013)

Every Family has its secrets, Every Legend a Beginning
Adventure / Drama • 105 minutes  2.9/10
Starring: Phil Pitzer Sheree J. Wilson Jeff Fahey Lauralee Bell Thomas Blankenship Newell Alexander Michelle Borth Young Wyatt and others.
Director: Dustin Rikert
Released • August 30, 2013

In this revisionist drama, the film delves into the family lineage of Wyatt Williams, the character made famous by Peter Fonda in the original Easy Rider Movie. Centering around the Williams family, and their internal family struggles throughout the eras of the 40's to present day, as they struggle to connect with one another through the only way they know how. Their love of motorcycles and the freedom of the ride.

A.K.A. DE: Easy Rider 2 - The Ride Back  FR: Easy Rider: The Ride Back  PT: Sem Destino Novamente  RU: Easy Rider: The Ride Back  US: Easy Rider