Daddy You, Daughter Me (2017)

Comedy / Drama / Fantasy • 115 minutes  6.9/10
Starring: Yoon Je-moon Jung So-min Lee Il-hwa Shin Goo Lee Mi-do Kang Ki-Young Min Do-hee Park Hyuk-kwon and others.
Director: Kim Hyung-Hyup Writer: Kim Hyung-Hyup
Released • April 12, 2017

Sangtae and his teenage daughter Doyeon are constantly arguing and haven't had a genuine conversation in years. When their souls are switched by a magical force for seven days, they must learn to tackle the awkward and unfamiliar situation in each other's shoes.

A.K.A. DE: 아빠는 딸  ES: 아빠는 딸  FR: 아빠는 딸  KR: Abbaneun Ddal  PT: 아빠는 딸  RU: Папа это дочь  US: Daddy You